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Our Dominican hairstylists artistically translate your vision of beauty into a functional, easy-to-maintain, beautiful hairstyle. ¡We help you find the look that is right for your personality and lifestyle!

About Our Company

We have over 15 years of experience and specialize in making your hair look and feel beautiful and healthy. Our focus is on Latin-American and African-American hairs. Good maintenance along with great treatments is how we restore your hair and keep it looking healthy and beautiful.


Who we are

We are passionate about our work, so we continue our training to master the latest techniques in hairstyling to give you elegant, gorgeous, fun styles to suit your individuality. Because we want you to look great even days after you left our hair salon, we provide you with the tips and tricks to help you maintain your style at home.

We believe in educating the customer, providing the best in customer service and utilizing quality products. We have been fortunate to attract and retain a great group of professionals throughout the salon who share our philosophy.

We maintain and treat your hair with the same level of care as when we do it to ourselves and to our family. You can call and schedule an appointment or just walk in.

Our Salon & Staff

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Hours of Operation [ Tue - Sat 9AM - 7PM ]

2198 Austell Rd.
Marietta, GA 30008
+1 678.324.8969


Hours of Operation [ Mon - Sat 9AM - 7PM ]
[ DOM 11AM - 4PM ]

3755 Carmia Dr. Suite 840
Atlanta, GA 30331
+1 678.324.8969

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